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Ranking of DanBred herds

DanBred Partner Service!

DanBred Partner Service is your professional service partner in the breeding system. 

We commence with both technical and advisory challenges. Technical challenges whether it is regarding the Databank, reporting of sales, breeding support, eartags etc. At the same time we are ready to assist our partners in consultation regarding production, with pig expertise and management.

You can contact us during business hours on phone 45 4488 1188, or email Service@DanBred.com 

Danish Pig Research Centre, Breeding & Genetics

Responsible for the research and development work of the DanBred breeding system, including revision of breeding goals and calculation of the weekly breeding index.

We are in charge of technical development and maintenance of the breeding system in close cooperation with DanBred.

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The breeding system is a collaboration, which also includes many talented suppliers, which you can find here: https://danbred.com/map/

This is a site for DanBred partners - If you want to do business with us then visit the commercial site